Equality and Diversity

Equality, Diversity and Human rights is about ensuring that everyone using Trust services, and those employed by the Trust, enjoy the same opportunities and standards of treatment of care.

This does not mean treating everyone the same.  Far from it; In fact sometimes we need to treat people very differently to ensure that their needs are met whether in services or the workplace.  The key to this is ensuring that whilst you might be treating someone differently, no-one is disadvantaged in the process.

The idea of equality means that we look at our processes and polices, we look at what the law says, and we listen to our members, service users and staff around how we can shape equitable services.  We look at the standards to which we provide a service and how well we support people in the right way.

More importantly for us is Diversity.  This is about the people.  It looks at age, disability and ability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, wider beliefs and sexual orientation.  

But most of all it is about acknowledging that this difference exists and that we are better off because of it.  As a service user you should expect to have your diversity embraced by the Trust as a member of staff working for us you will find few other places that offer you specific support around your diverse and cultural needs.

The Trust takes Equality & Diversity extremely seriously and is proud to be a leader for this important work in the NHS.  This means dealing with discrimination effectively through ensuring understand we understand our legal duties and what is required of us as well as being aware of zero tolerance processes.  It is also about creating an environment that is pleasant and comfortable as well as professional.  We do this by celebrating (whenever we can!) our successes.

If you would like to know any more about the equalities work carried out by the Trust you can contact the team at equality@hpft.nhs.uk

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