Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides assurance to the Board. It oversees the probity and internal financial control of the Trust, working closely with external and internal auditors. Key activities include reviewing governance, risk management and assurance functions. It also approves the External Audit plan, the Internal Audit plan, Counter Fraud plan, accounting policies and reviews draft Annual Accounts before submission to the Board of Directors.

The Director of Finance and appropriate internal and external audit representatives normally attend meetings.  Other Executive Directors are invited to attend when the Committee is discussing areas of risk or operation that are their responsibility.  The Chief Executive is invited to attend at least annually to discuss with the Committee the process for assurance that supports the Statement on Internal Control.

Anybody concerned about a matter of corporate governance or probity can contact any member of the Audit Committee in confidence.                                                                       


  • Peter Baynham (Chair), Non-Executive Director   
  • Manjeet Gill, Non-Executive Director   
  • Steve Marsden, Non-Executive Director

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