Acute Mental Health Inpatient Services


There are a number of inpatient units across the county which provide a safe environment for assessment, treatment and therapeutic work for a full spectrum of mental health conditions. These services form part of a planned and integrated whole system approach to care which is delivered in conjunction with the community services and is designed to promote recovery. Within the acute ward all aspects of physical health, social care needs and risks are jointly managed by a multi-disciplinary team.

The inpatient services are committed to:

" Offering care and treatment that respects individual rights and allows treatment to occur in the least restrictive manner possible
" Providing a service which is flexible and responsive and does not discriminate between individuals
" Providing a high standard of treatment and care, respecting rights for privacy and dignity, in a safe and therapeutic environment for service users in the most acute and vulnerable stage of their illness
" Ensuring all individuals needs are assessed and that an appropriate care plan is agreed, which includes the views of the service user and relevant carers and discharge planning arrangements