Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT)

The Crisis team is available at short notice to help people resolve a mental health crisis, or to support them while it is happening. The main aim of the CAT team is to provide people with the most suitable, helpful and least restrictive treatment possible, in order to prevent or shorten hospital stays. A key part of the CATs role is to decide who gets admitted to hospital or whether they can provide an alternative treatment plan. They can also offer home support to enable you to leave hospital more quickly.

There are Five Crisis Assessment and Treatment (CAT) Teams operating across Hertfordshire. The teams operate 24 hours a days, seven days a week and can be accessed via the Single Point of Access.

The CAT team also support people who are staying with a Host Family, visiting daily to support the person and the Host family.

In addition to these roles the CAT team are also part of the reviewing team working in the Acute Assessment Units.