Supporting carers

A carer is someone, of any age, who looks after a relative or friend with a disability or an illness which means they cannot manage without help. You may live with the person you care for or they might live elsewhere. You may be a full time carer or juggling a job and caring for someone. If you are a carer, there are many ways of getting support for yourself.

As a provider of health and social care services, it is esssential that carers feel able to get sufficient support from us to help them to continue in their caring role.  Usually this support includes:

  • Access to staff members who can talk to you about your needs as a carer (we call this a carer assessment)
  • Information about a diagnosis that the person you care for may have recieved - and how to manage this.
  • Involvement in the way care is planned and how someone is discharged from our services.
  • General involvement in the way we do things within the Trust.
  • Access to a carer grant to help you in your role as a carer

In addition to this list there are a range of other ways that carers will need support.

Carer Handbook

We have a produced a Carer Handbook to provide a range of information for carers, friends and families of people using our services.  You can view a copy of this by clicking here or on the links at the end of this page.

However some key things that it is important for all carers to be aware of:

  • You are entitled to a carer assessment which will help identify what support you need as a carer.  Depending on who you are caring for will depend on who provides this for you.  More detail is included in the handbook.
  • You are entitled (and should be asked) to have in plan an emergency plan.  This is often called a contingency plan and helps us understand what should happen if you are unable to provide care for any reason.
  • There are a range of local and national support services for carers.  This are detailed at the back of the handbook.
  • HPFT has a Carer Development Worker.  His name is Sachdev Seyan and he can be contacted on or 07909 930414. 

Young Carers Mental Health Booklet

We have worked with young carers living in Hertfordshire to produce a new menatl health booklet to help young people get the right information, particularly if they are caring for a loved one who has a mental health issue.

this guide can be viewed online by clicking here or you can recieve a hard copy by contacting or 07909 930414.

Our Carer Strategy

Our Carers Strategy is a five-year plan (2013-18), recognising the essential role carers play in providing support to loved ones with mental health problems or learning disabilities and ensuring that carers receive timely support that helps them to carry on caring should they wish to do so.  Please see 'carer information' section below.

The Triangle of Care

The Triangle of Care (TOC) is a service model that brings together carers, service users and professionals. It aims to promote safety and recovery for people with mental health issues and to encourage their wellbeing by including and supporting their carers.  It has been written nationally by carers and the HPFT carer stretagy has been built around its principles.  Please see 'carer information' section below.

Carer information

Click on the links below to view further information for carers:

Carer Council

If you are a carer for someone who has accessed or who is accessing the Trusts services, you may wish to join the Carer Council.

For further information on any of this information please contact: or 07909 930414 (mobile)    or 07500 065848 (mobile)