Aspergers Syndrome

Information for carers and service users on Aspergers

  • Information about local services for people with Aspergers / Autism can be found on the hertsdirect website at Type Aspergers or Autism in the search box to be taken to the relevant pages on the website.
  • The National Autistic Society provides comprehensive information about all aspects of Aspergers and Autism. Their website is:
  • Further information about government guidance on services for people with Aspergers / Autism can be found at (enter Asperger in the search box). Alternatively you can search directly for the document Better Services for People with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This will take you directly to one of the main pieces of government guidance, published in November 2006.

Services for people with Aspergers and their carers in Hertfordshire are provided by Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) and Health and Community Services (HCS). Services are targeted at those people whose independence is considered to be at critical or substantial risk. This is done after assessing a person and their carers needs. Within HPFT, this assessment will usually be carried out by someone in the local Community Mental Health Services (CMHS) or (within HCS) a Community Learning Disability Team (CLDT).

Most people need more than one kind of help and a package of care and support is usual. The cost will depend on a persons income and benefits. Where appropriate, money (direct payments) can be given to people who have been assessed so that they can arrange their own care services.

We have to work within a set budget and cannot provide all the support we are asked for, so we give priority to people with the greatest need. To make sure we do this in a fair way, we use the national guidance called Fair access to care services from the Department of Health.

If, after an initial assessment, it seems that there are only moderate or low risks to a persons independence, we will still provide information and advice on other possible sources of help. We also fund many local voluntary organisations to provide services that can make a real difference to someones daily life.