Community Services

Community Services are at the forefront of the Trust's services and are generally the first, and often the only, services that local residents have contact with.  Our Community Services account for the bulk of the Trusts face to face contacts with service users therefore it is essential that these services are flexible, responsive and well co-ordinated.

Community Services are made up of a whole range of different teams working with identified service user groups to deliver specified team outcomes.  All community teams provided by the Trust have a number of factors in common:

  • Teams are multi-disciplinary in nature and work from local community bases.
  • Teams are integrated or work closely with the County Council in order to provide joint health and social care.
  • Teams serve local geographical areas to maximise accessibility and responsiveness. 
  • Teams provide a home based assessment and treatment.

As most people prefer to receive their treatment and care in the community, our Community Services are continually evolving to ensure they meet the needs of our population and remain in keeping with best practice for delivering modern health and social care.

The Wellbeing Teams work closely alongside GPs and primary care staff to provide improved access to psychological therapies (talking therapies), and mental health interventions in primary care. 

The Trust provides Community Mental Health Services in eight services across the county of Hertfordshire to deliver co-ordinated health and social care support to Adults aged 18 and over suffering mental health problems.  In addition to this, Assertive Outreach Teams provide a dedicated service for Adults aged 18 and over who may require more intensive support to access mental health care.

Community Services also include all types of provision for child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) including inpatient services.  This is provides a service to support children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems.