Psychological Treatment

Most of people we work with will be offered psychological treatment as this is viewed as the best way of helping people overcome eating disorders (see NICE guidelines for the treatment of eating disorders). 

We try to offer the type of psychological treatment that best suits each individual. Sometimes there might be a longer wait for a particular therapy as not all our psychotherapists and psychologists can offer every type of therapy. 

Psychological therapy is a collaborative process, with the individual and the therapist working together as a team. The broad aim of therapy is to get a psychological understanding of the eating disorder and to support and encourage people to make changes in their lives and their eating behaviours. Therapy also aims to empower individuals with skills and strategies and to find alternative more helpful ways of coping with their difficulties. 

Psychological therapy is time limited and the number of sessions and the focus of the treatment will be agreed between the person and their psychotherapist or psychologist. Therapy involves commitment and motivation, attending for weekly sessions, doing 'homework' tasks in between sessions and being open and honest about thoughts and feelings.