Spot the Signs and Save a Life

Spot the signs of suicidal thoughts and you could save a life

Did you know?

  • Each year more people die by suicide than road traffic accidents and homicides in the UK.
  • Approximately 6,000 people in the UK die each year by suicide.
  • About 1 in 5 people in the UK experience thoughts of suicide at some point in their life.

Every suicide is a tragedy.  A tragedy for the victim of suicide.  A tragedy for the friends, families, loved ones and communities who are affected by the death.

Some people who have died by suicide may have taken their own life out of sheer desperation, they may not have known where to seek help.  Those left behind may carry heavy feelings of guilt, wondering why they were not able to spot the signs of suicidal behaviour in their loved one.

Spot the Signs and Save a Life Campaign aims to help the population of Hertfordshire:

  • To be alert to the signs of suicide.
  • To know how to seek help and save the lives of people experiencing emotional and mental distress.
  • To help the community to speak openly about suicide prevention.
  • To challenge the stigma associated with suicide and to promote early intervention within the whole community.
  • To work together to reduce suicide rates.

We can all do this by taking a pledge to be alert to the signs of suicide within ourselves or others and taking positive action.

Please Click Here to Take The Pledge to Take Positive Action.


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