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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The government have made gender pay gap reporting mandatory by amending the Specific Duties Regulations (SDR) of the Equality Act 2010. This means that all public sector employers with more than 250 employees have to measure and publish their gender pay gaps on an annual basis. Click here to view our Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2023.

HPFT also publish pay gap analysis by ethnicity.

The development of these reports support the Trust in planning any action to improve equality within employment and we are always interested to hear from people who want to get involved with this, or any other part of our equality & diversity work.

2023/24 pay gap reporting

Total number of staff at HPFT: 4450

Illustration of Trust staff members

The Trust’s Gender Profile The Trust’s Ethnicity Profile

Female: 3267 (73%) - Male 1183 (27%)


White: 2520 (56.6 %) - BAME: 1930 (43.4%)


The Trust’s Mean Gender Pay Gap The Trust’s Mean Ethnicity Pay Gap

Female: £19.50 - Male: £21.18 - Difference: £1.68 (7.94%)


White: £19.93 - BAME: £19.97 - Difference: £0.04 (0.2%)


The Trust’s Median Gender Pay Gap The Trust’s Median Ethnicity Pay Gap
Female: £17.92 - Male: £17.57 - Difference: -£0.35 (-1.99%) White: £18.10 - BAME: £17.40 - Difference £0.70 (3.87%)


Full reports are available below:

Gender pay gap

Ethnicity pay gap

In addition you can click here to access the government portal for gender pay gap reporting to check the status of any organisation.

If you have any queries please contact us at hpft.equality@nhs.net


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