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Looking Forward Together: Our next 5 years

Developing our new strategy

We are currently developing our new Trust-wide strategy for 2023-2028 to guide us in shaping our services to provide the best care and outcomes for service users and carers. 

In co-producing a strategy that truly reflects the priorities of all, we have been undertaking a range of engagement events.  We have already spoken to almost 1500 staff, service users, carers, and stakeholders who have engaged with passion and energy. We have received over 3000 comments so far.

What we have heard

Service users and carers have told us they need timely access and caring support, communications that are tailored to them and reflect their preferences and easier, equitable access for everyone.

Staff have told us they are proud to work at HPFT, to “live our values”, and to provide the best care they can to improve the lives of service users. They have told us it is important that the Trust continues to support their wellbeing and development, no matter what their background or where they work.

Throughout this engagement process, we have agreed with our stakeholders that we need to be clear on our commitments to the outcomes we want to achieve for people and that these can only be achieved in partnership.

Emerging Themes

Having considered the thousands of comments received so far, the key themes emerging are:

  • Quality
  • People
  • Addressing Inequalities
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation and Improvement

You can see more detail for each of these themes in the diagram below. At the very centre of everything is the importance of service user and carer outcomes. 

Thank you

Thank you for your feedback so far. If you have contributed, we hope you see your priorities reflected in the key themes that we will now take forward into the strategy.

Any contributions not obviously included in the themes above may have been considered and used elsewhere, such as in the refresh of our digital strategy.  

What’s next

For the final strategy to be agreed and launched in early May, the strategy development team are now reviewing the themes in more depth. 

We would like to ask you to consider:

  • Do the themes above feel right? 
  • Do you think any of the themes need to be developed further?
  • Do you need any more information about the themes and priorities?

Please email your comments and any questions to: hpft.strategy@nhs.net 

Once the strategy is launched, we will have the confidence to know that we are putting service users, carers and our staff at the heart of everything we will do over the next 5 years.

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