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Angelina Sclafani-Murphy

    "Having a child with complex disabilities I understand the struggles of patients and carers"

I recognise the need of our services to work with each other to support patients and carers. My experience brings a perspective to the governors that may be missed by others. The services of HPFT are used frequently to support carers and to this end I have been working to support local commissioners with their carer’s strategy. I am currently supporting the Commissioners in creating a uniform drug chart to reduce drug errors and delay in administering medications, both of which can cause anxiety in patients and carers.

My term has been an amazing and educational experience. Whilst in the Quality and Effectiveness group, I ensured historic complaints were addressed and not forgotten just because of time; I supported the carer’s point of view during discussions; and as a service user, I brought my own concerns to the Trust who responded positively and swiftly. I am impressed with the speed and genuine care taken to address my personal experience and the experiences of others.

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