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Catherine Adedoyin Akanbi

“It is a great honour to serve my community as a Governor”

As Governor I work in collaboration with other Governors, Trust staff and patients to promote patient needs, address patent concerns and achieve high quality outcomes at all times.

At 70 years, our NHS is the biggest national and most valuable asset. I am not only passionate about our NHS and the invaluable services it provides, I am also keen that the resources made available to it are dispensed in the most efficient and effective manner, ensuring optimal outcomes at all times.

I have had direct and indirect experience of our NHS and have a huge amount to contribute to its strategy and continual evolution. I foster transparency, collaboration and commitment to deliver great care and outcomes from the Trust to our community.

My professional experience is as a project manager developing skills and expertise such as leadership, accountability, transparency, inter-personal relationship and budget management. These skills alongside my personal experience and passion for the NHS have formed a sound foundation for succeeding as a governor.

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