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Eni Bankole-Race

“I am a service user of HPFT and I am passionate about mental health issues”

I am passionate about mental health issues and inclusion, and particularly that the perspectives of as diverse a range of service users as possible are reflected at all levels of the Trust, including the board of Governors. I believe in ordinary people contributing to the change and progress in their environment, and being a service user of HPFT, I am personally enthusiastic about being a part of shaping the strategic direction of the Trust.

I have the knowledge and understanding to be able to contribute positively to the wellbeing of the Trust based on my work experience at a senior level in all the sectors. I have legal and research qualifications and have experience of reading, analyzing and reporting verbally and in writing on complex matters. I am an accomplished public speaker and currently lecture academically. I am professional, diplomatic and able to be objective.

I have over 25 years’ experience of serving as a Trustee ranging from Brent CAB to HertsAid, and I currently serve as one of the Deputy Chairs of the Service User Council as well as an Expert by Experience.

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