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Michelle Maddison

"I want to support HPFT to evolve and be more inclusive and supportive of all facets of diversity"

I am a proud Transgender woman living in Hertfordshire. I am an activist, advocate, educator and spokesperson for all things transgender and gender diverse including the mental health challenges our community faces.

I have been Chair of the Service User Council at HPFT for over a year now, starting as a member two and a half years ago years. I sit on numerous other panels and groups at HPFT representing the LGBT community within Hertfordshire. I am also Chair of the Hertfordshire Transgender Steerage Group.

I founded Transfusion CIC to help support the Transgender community and I run Transfusion 2019, a weekly radio show on North Herts FM. In addition to this I am part of the Hertfordshire LGBT partnership panel. I am proud to represent the transgender community as a governor at HPFT. I am extremely passionate about supporting not only those in the LGBT community but also anyone struggling with their mental health.

The LGBT community has an extremely high level of both attempted and completed suicides and mental health complexities, as society is slowly educating itself in the reality of life as part of the LGBT community. Providing visible and vocal LGBT representation, I want to support HPFT evolve and be more inclusive and supportive of all facets of diversity within our county.



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