Bowel health e-learning quiz

Which stool types are classed as ideal?
Opening your bowels once each week is fine.
If someone has been constipated for 4 days but now has diarrhoea, that means they are no longer constipated.
What can help to promote regular bowel motions and avoid constipation (tick 6 options):
Constipation is type 1-2 on the Bristol Stool Chart
Diarrhoea is type 6 on Bristol Stool Chart
What should you do if you have diarrhoea? Tick all that apply
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be self-diagnosed without needing to rule out other causes
Tick the following where you would contact your GP for an urgent assessment. Tick all that apply
The purpose of bowel screening is a non-invasive way to detect bowel cancer

Bristol Stool Chart

Type 1 Example of a type 1 stool

Separate hard lumps, like nuts (hard to pass)

Type 2 Example of a type 2 stool

Sausage-shaped but lumpy

Type 3 Example of a type 3 stool

Like a sausage but with cracks on its surface

Type 4 Example of a type 4 stool

Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft

Type 5 Example of a type 5 stool

Soft blobs with clear cut edges (passed easily)

Type 6 Example of a type 6 stool

Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool

Type 7 Example of a type 7 stool

Watery, no solid pieces.
Entirely liquid