Speech and language therapy: we have Band 5/6 development posts that support and enable newly-qualified staff to complete their competency-based learning and development in dysphagia and communication so they are ready to move seamlessly into a Band 6 role. We also have band 5 posts where you can focus on communication.

Meet one of our Speech and language therapists:

Nancy Essery, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Nancy talks about her career development as a Speech and Language Therapist working across a variety of client groups starting from pre-school clients and through to now working with adults with Learning Disability. Nancy highlights the career support and framework she received in a Band 5-6 development post within her current Trust and the opportunities she has had to develop further into an SLT team lead in the West of Hertfordshire.


Jay Maddams, Assistant Therapy Practitioner (ATP) for Dysphagia and Dietetics

Jay talks his role working as an Assistant Therapy Practitioner within SLT team and expresses how grateful and thankful he feels towards HPFT for the support around his hearing impairment, which has enabled him to effectively fulfill his role.