Mental health nursing is rewarding and challenging at the same time. Every day brings in a learning opportunity with some special moments, especially when I make a difference.

I trained in Hertfordshire joining the Trust as a newly qualified mental health nurse working in older people services. I enjoy working within older people services and have devoted myself to providing the very best care. I have genuine passion helping older people needing the service we provide. I had the opportunity to take on a secondment working in the community and after the secondment I returned back to inpatient. Working in older people services I have had opportunities to develop and progress further in my career. I am currently working towards a Masters in mental health nursing.

My passion, curiosity and drive have facilitated my need to get better skilled at my craft. With my continuous desire to engage in development opportunities available in older people services I have progressed to a Team Leader role. I have had challenges in the role but my resilience and passion has carried me through the hard times. For me, the achievement to help outweighs the hard days. The opportunities I have had are enabling me to be creative and appreciative of the value of creating opportunities for others in my team to flourish and go the extra mile.