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HPFT Carer Plan 2019 - 2021

We published our Carer Plan in February 2019 following a six month co-production project to develop our priorities.  This means that carers, service users, staff and our partners from the voluntary sector all came together to discuss what was important to them.

This has resulted in six areas of focus for the Trust over the next three years:

  1. Carers identified as early as possible and recognised as experts in care

  2. Carers of all ages and experiences have a clear offer of support

  3. Essential programmes of training for all staff / clinicians

  4. Options for carers to improve their knowledge

  5. Carers are supported to feel safe in their caring role

  6. Continuous improvement in the quality & provision of support for carers

We think this plan is exciting and ambitious and will publish information on this page as we begin to plan our action against these.

You can view the full carer plan by clicking here.

If you are interested to become involved in any of our work to implement this plan please contact us at hpft.carers@nhs.net or 01727 804418.

HPFT Carer Plan 2019-2021


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