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Become a Peer Experience Listener

People with personal experience of mental health services such as service users or carers, provide a listening ear to other service users and carers and a platform for them to share their stories and experiences. Peer Support Listeners gather feedback and information from service users and carers to improve services. They have worked across the Trust on various projects such as Mental Health Act Assessment, Carer Experiences and the Dementia Carer Pathway Service. All these projects are co-produced and Peer Experience Listeners are involved in every step from forming questions through to evaluating feedback and putting forward recommendations. Many projects have seen improvements from the qualitative feedback Peer Experience Listeners have provided.

Peer experience listening provides service users and carers with a safe and open platform to voice their experiences and concerns. Because Peer Experience Listeners have been in their position, service users and carers often feel that they can talk to them more openly and freely about their experiences. For many service users, speaking to a Peer Experience Listener is their first meaningful and valuable engagement with the service.

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