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Professor Regi Alexander


Working across hospital and community forensic services in psychiatry, Regi Alexander is a Consultant Psychiatrist based within the Trust’s Norfolk services and clinical lead in Forensic Learning Disability in the NHS East of England Provider Collaborative. A fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and visiting professor at the University of Hertfordshire, he is also president of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Intellectual Disability Section and convenor of RADiANT (Research in Developmental Neuropsychiatry), a network of NHS Trusts, academics, service users, family members and community leaders ( http://radiant.nhs.uk )


Area of Research Interest

A full-time practising clinician throughout his career, his research interests focus on the interface between neurodevelopmental disorders, psychiatric illnesses and challenging or offending behaviour. He is the author of about 100 research papers, book chapters, treatment guidelines, monographs, and articles in the lay press on these topics.


Recent Publications and Grants



  • Tromans, S., Bhui, K., Sawhney, I., Odiyoor, M., Courtenay, K., Roy, A., Boer, H., Alexander, R., Biswas, A., McCarthy, J., Gulati, G., Laugharne, R. and Shankar, R. (2023) “The potential unintended consequences of Mental Health Act reforms in England and Wales on people with intellectual disability and/or autism,” The British Journal of Psychiatry. Cambridge University Press, pp. 1–3. doi: 10.1192/bjp.2023.10.


  • Langdon, P.E., Thompson, P.A., Shepstone, L., Perez‐Olivas, G., Melvin, C.L., Barnoux, M., Alexander, R., Roy, A. and Devapriam, J., 2023. Psychiatric inpatient admissions and discharges of people with intellectual disabilities: A time series analysis of English national data. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities36(1), pp.196-204.


  • Hanson, P., Lange, M., Oduro-Donkor, D., Shuttlewood, E., Weickert, M.O., Randeva, H.S., Menon, V., Alexander, R.T., Basset, P., Shankar, R. and Barber, T.M., 2022. The role of mindfulness training in sustaining weight reduction: retrospective cohort analysis. BJPsych Open8(6), p.e198.


  • Velani, B., Sawhney, I., Alexander, R.T., Shardlow, S. and Zia, A., 2022. Implementing proposed reforms of the Mental Health Act for people with intellectual disability and autism: the perspective of multidisciplinary professionals in intellectual disability teams. BJPsych Open8(6), p.e197.


  • Melvin, C.L., Barnoux, M., Alexander, R., Roy, A., Devapriam, J., Blair, R., Tromans, S., Shepstone, L. and Langdon, P.E., 2022. A systematic review of in-patient psychiatric care for people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism: effectiveness, patient safety and experience. BJPsych Open8(6), p.e187.



RCT of group CBT for men with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and harmful sexual behaviour: the HaSB-IDD trial, Award ID: NIHR128550, £1,544,377.06, co-investigator https://fundingawards.nihr.ac.uk/award/NIHR128550

A multicentre double-blind placebo-controlled randomised controlled trial of SerTRaline for AnxieTy in adults with Autism (STRATA), Award ID: NIHR127337, £1,892,956.87, co-investigator https://www.fundingawards.nihr.ac.uk/award/NIHR127337

People with AuTism detained within hospitals: defining the population, understanding aetiology and improving Care patHways (The mATCH study), National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) Programme: PB-PG-0214-33040, Award: £350,000, co-investigator https://research.kent.ac.uk/tizard/the-match-study/



Editor, Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability, Oxford University Press, 2020

Editor, Forensic Aspects of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Clinical Guide, Cambridge University Press, in press, expected publication May 2023

Editor, Oxford Textbook of Cultural Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability, Oxford University Press, in press, expected publication December 2023

Editor, Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Disorders of Intellectual Development, 4th edition, Cambridge University Press, expected publication December 2023



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