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 A&E Liaison  Accident and Emergency Liaison
 ACS  Adult Care Services 
 Acute Services    Medical and surgical treatment and care mainly provided in  hospitals
 ADASH  Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Service for Hertfordshire
 ADASS  Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
 ADHD  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
 AADHAD  Adult Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder
 AAU  Acute Assessment Unit
 AFC  Agenda  for Change
 AHP  Allied Health Professionals
 AIR  Acute Inpatient Reprovision
 AMH  Adult Mental Health 
 AMHP  Approved Mental Health Professional
 AMP  Annual Maintenance Plan
 AP  Adult Protection
 APC  Admitted Patient Care
 ARC  Association for Real Change
 ASW  Approved Social Worker 
 BEH  Barnet Enfield Hertford 
 BIA  Best Intent Assessor 
 Bipolar Disorder  A mental health condition featuring extreme mood swings
 BLPT  Bedfordshire & Luton Partnership Trust  
 BMA  British Medical Association
 BMJ  British Medical Journal 
 BNF  British National Formulary
 BP  British Pharmacopoeia
 BUG  Bank Bureau User Group 
 BVR  Best Value Review
 CAB  Citizens Advice Bureau
 CAMHS  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
 CAMNHS  Children Accessing Mental Health Services
 CBT  Computer Based Training
 CBT   Cognitive behaviour therapy 
 CCE  Completed Consultant Episode (also FCE)
 CCG  Clincal Commission
 CCTA   Creating Capable Teams Approach
 CCTV  Close Circuit Television 
 CDAT  Community Drug & Alcohol Team 
 CDW  Community Development Worker 
 CFSMS  Counter Fraud Security Man Service 
 CHI  Commission for Health Improvement
 CHC  Continuing Health Care 
 CHT  Community LD Health Team 
 CIP  Cost Improvement Programme
 CIS  Clinical Information System
 CJS  Criminal Justice System 
 CLDT  Community Learning Disability Team 
 Clinician  A health professional directly involved in the care and treatment of patients, for example nurses, doctors, therapists, and midwives.
 CMHS  Community Mental Health Services
 CMO   Chief Medical Officer 
 CMS   Contract Management System/ content management system 
 CMPLD  Community Team for People with LD 
 CN  Charge Nurse 
 CNM   Clinical Nurse Manager
 CNO   Chief Nursing Officer
 CNS  Clinical Nurse Specialist 
 CNST  Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts 
 COP  Cancelled Outpatient (Appointment)
 CPA   Care Programme Approach
 COSHH   Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (1994 Regulations) 
 CPN  Community Psychiatric Nurse
 CPPIH   Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
 CQC  Care Quality Control 
 CQI   Continuous Quality Improvement
 CRHTT  Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team 
 CSCI  Commission for Social Care Inspection 
 CSIP  Care Service Improvement Partnership 
 CSP  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 
 CST  Community Support Team
 CTM  Clinical Team Managers
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