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 DACS  Director of Adult Care Services 
 DAS  Direct Assessment Service 
 DDA  Disability Discrimination Act 
 DGH  District General Hospital
 DoH  Department of Health
 DOL  Deprivation of Liberty 
 DP  Direct Payments
 DLA  Disability Living Allowance
 DNA  Did Not Attend
 DNS  Director of Nursing Services
 DoB  Date of Birth
 DPR   Data Protection Register 
 DRC  Disability Rights Commission 
 DSG  Direct Services Group 
 DSG  Dissertation Support Group 
 DSP  Designated Security Person Delivery 
 DSSA  Same Sex Accomodation 
 DTC  Delayed Transfer of Care
 D&V   Diarrhoea & Vomiting
 DV   Domiciliary Visit (by consultant)
 EBS   Emergency Bed Service
 ECT   Electro-Convulsive Therapy 
 EDAMS  Eating Disorder Assessment Management Service
 EDC  Eastern Development Centre 
 EDI  Electronic Data Interchange 
 EDT  Emergency Duty Team 
 EHE  Enahncing the Healing Environment
 EHR   Electronic Health Record
 EHO  Environment Health Officer 
 EIPS   Early Intervention in Psychosis Service
 EIS  Executive Information System 
 EIT   Early Intervention Team
 EMDASS   Early Memory Diagnosis & Support Service 
 EMI   Elderly Mentally Infirm
 ENB   English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting 
 EPD  Elderly Physically Disabled
 EPMHS   Enhanced Primary Mental Health Service (IAPT now preferred)
 EPHR   Electronic Patient Health Record (also EPR) 
 EPR  Electronic Patient Records 
 ERIC  Estates Returns Information Collection 
 ESMHCG  Eastern Specialised MH Comm Group 
 ESMI   Elderly Severely Mentally Infirm
 EST  Estates
 EXEC  Executive Team-HPFT 
 FACS  Fare Access to Care Services 
 FHS   Family Health Services
 FM   Facilities Management 
 FMIS   Financial Management Information Systems 
 FTN  Foundation Trust Ntework 
 HAP  Health Action Plans 
 HARC  Herts Autistic Resource Centre 
 HAS   Health Advisory Service
 HAWNHS   Health at Work in the NHS
 HAZ   Health Action Zone
 HCAI  Healthcare Associated Infection 
 HCC  Hertfordshire County Council 
 HEA  Health Education Authority
 HEFMA   Health Estates & Facilities Management Association 
 HEO  Health Education Officer 
 HF  Health Facilitator 
 H&S  Health and Safety
 HHGH  Hemel Hempstead General Hospital 
 HIS   Health Informatics Service
 HISS  Hospital Information & Support Systems 
 HIT   High Intensity Therapist
 HMP  Her Majesty's Prison The Mount 
 HONOS  Health of the Nation Outcome Scales 
 HPFT  Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust 
 HR  Human Resources 
 HSE  Health and Safety Executive
 HSG   Health Service Guidelines (Department of Health) 
 HST  Home Support Team 
 HSJ   Health Service Journal 
 HSW  Health and Safety at Work
 HYS  "Having Your Say"
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