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The Care Act: Wellbeing

How is wellbeing understood under the Care Act?

‘Wellbeing’ is a broad concept and is described as relating to the following areas in particular:

  •  personal dignity (including treatment of the individual with respect)
  •  physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing
  •  protection from abuse and neglect
  •  control by the individual over their day-to-day life (including over care and support provided and the way they are provided)
  •  participation in work, education, training or recreation
  •  social and economic wellbeing
  •  domestic, family and personal domains
  •  suitability of the individual’s living accommodation
  •  the individual’s contribution to society

There is no hierarchy in the areas of wellbeing listed above – all are equally important. There is also no single definition of wellbeing, as how this is interpreted will depend on the individual, their circumstances and their priorities.

Wellbeing encompasses several areas of life. Therefore, using a holistic approach to ensure a clear understanding of the individual’s views is vital to identifying and defining wellbeing in each case.





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