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4. Movement disorders

 4.1 Dystonias and other involuntary movements

Antipsychotics Preparations Comments
Promazine hydrochloride

25mg and 50mg tablets

25mg/5ml and 50mg/5ml oral solution

Licensed for short term adjunctive management of psychomotor agitation and agitation and restlessness in the elderly.


Monoamine depleting drugs Preparations Comments
Tetrabenazine 25mg tablets For management of tardive dyskinesia


 Anti-muscarinic drugs Preparations Comments
For treatment of drug induced extra-pyramidal symptoms (but not tardive dyskinesia)
Procyclidine hydrochloride 5mg tablets
2.5mg/5ml and 5mg/5ml syrup
5mg/5ml injection
Injection - for HPFT prescribing only
Orphenadrine hydrochloride 50mg/5ml oral solution Tablets discontinued. Restricted to third line choice and only in patients who are not at risk of overdose. See Briefing note on Restriction to use of orphenadrine.
Trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride 2mg and 5mg tablets
5mg/5ml syrup


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