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Medicines for physical health problems

This formulary does not list medicines for physical health problems other than those that may be initiated by HPFT clinicians. Medicines initiated for physical health problems by other clinicians will often need to be continued for service users who are admitted to an in-patient unit. To prevent a delay in the administration of such medicines and to reduce waste, service users own medication should be used where available, providing they are assessed as suitable.

All medicines prescribed for physical health problems should adhere to local Clinical Commissioning Group drug treatment guidelines and local decisions around medicines. It may be appropriate to seek advice from GP/Specialist before initiating treatment to ensure that the preferred choice of medicine is selected.

When a service user is admitted on to an in-patient unit and is taking specialist medicines that are prescribed and supplied by a specialist provider e.g. medicines for HIV, prescribers and nurses must seek advice from the Medicines Management Team on how to obtain further supplies of these medicines, as it may not appropriate to order via the usual pharmacy service.

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