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Descendant of NHS founder is proud to work for the NHS

11 Jun 18 - 10 Jun 19

The great grand niece of Nye Bevan, Minister for Health in 1948 who spear-headed the creation of the NHS has just started working at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) as a healthcare assistant.

Jasmine Stokes said: “My dad told me about my great grand uncle when I was a little girl and ever since then l always wanted to work for the NHS.”

Nye (full name Aneurin) Bevan came from a very poor family in Wales and was devoted to making sure that every person in the United Kingdom should be entitled to receive the same level of healthcare and treatment, regardless of their means to pay for it.

“I’m passionate about the values of the NHS,” Jasmine continued, “I have a little girl and it’s unbearable to imagine not having the NHS and struggling to pay or being unable to afford treatment for her if she was unwell.”

Jasmine is working on an acute mental health ward for adults and was drawn towards working in this area following experiences in her family. She said: “I’m glad people are talking more about mental health issues than in the past. I enjoy helping people and I love everything about my job, especially seeing people in our services improve.

“I’ll begin my training as a mental health nurse soon which means I’ll be attending university once a week, as well as doing lots of studying at home. I know it will be hard work, but my team is very supportive and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”    

HPFT’s Chief Executive Tom Cahill said: “There’s so much to celebrate about the commitment, passion and kindness of the people working within the NHS over the last 70 years. It’s also great to see Jasmine entering the NHS at a time when we are seeing a much wider understanding of the importance of mental health.

“I wish Jasmine every success in her career and I’m sure that her family are all delighted to see Jasmine following her childhood ambitions. I’m sure her great grand uncle Nye Bevan would have been extremely proud too.”

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