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Falls prevention tips as we go into the Fall

26 Sep 18 - 25 Sep 19

Coinciding with the start of the fall service users visiting The Marlowes Health and Wellbeing Centre in Hemel Hempstead were offered tips on how to prevent falls this week.

Together with a HPFT pharmacist providing medications advice, there was a technical instructor from The Hertfordshire Community Trust offering advice on simple exercises to improve strength and balance. A representative from Age UK was also on hand with information about some of the local services on offer for older people.

Falling over can happen to anyone, but as we get older it’s more likely. Falls can become recurrent and result in head injuries and hip fractures, but there are lots of things people can do to reduce the risks. Ensuring footwear fits well, keeping active and eating well, removing obstacles, having regular eye tests and reviewing medication regularly - especially if you experience any dizziness can really help to prevent accidents happening.

Carolyn Fowler Deputy Director of Safer Care and Standards said: “As well as the distress of an injury, falling can result in some people losing their confidence and independence.

“It’s really important to work together to spread the word to as many people as we can, about the simple things they can do to help prevent falls happening.”

Saga in association with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Public Health England have produced a really useful guide to staying steady, called Get Up and Go available here: https://www.saga.co.uk/magazine/health-wellbeing/wellbeing/falls-guide

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