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Happy 70th birthday to the NHS

29 May 18 - 28 May 19

HPFT along with others will be celebrating 70 years since the founding of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) on 5 July.

 Events coming up

Throughout the coming months HPFT will be organising a number of events to celebrate the NHS’s birthday. These include:

  • NHS Big 7 Tea (and cake) morning/afternoons
  • summer concert
  • NHS 70 themed AGM
  • exhibition featuring contributions from staff
  • walk to celebrate Windrush* (to join the walk Email: comms@: www.hpft)...

*In 1948 the SS Empire Windrush docked in Tilbury Essex. It carried passengers from the Caribbean who had been invited to come to Britain after World War Two, to assist with labour shortages. Many subsequently went on to work in the NHS.

Good healthcare for all, regardless of income

The service has seen tremendous changes since its inception in 1948, but the guiding principle that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of income remains.

Mental Health services, facilities, support, treatments and therapies have significantly progressed, enabling many service users to manage their symptoms more effectively, so they can lead healthy and fulfilled lives within their communities.

New centres in Letchworth and Hemel Hempstead provide services for those with both mental and physical ill health in locations that are in town centres – a far cry from the early days of mental health care.

The future of mental health services

Mobile devices are being used to find new ways to access help, monitor progress and increase overall understanding of mental wellbeing. Drugs will still have an important role to play, but there is a move to better understand the physical aspects of the brain and develop other kinds of treatments.

More holistic approaches to care are being trialed taking the view that helping people who are struggling with social issues such as housing, finances, isolation, unemployment etc. could in turn could have a positive effect on their mental health.

We’ve seen tremendous changes over the years and look forward to the future. We are embracing new ideas in the hope they will enable all our service users to lead healthier and happier lives.

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