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Have you ever considered a career in mental health?

16 Feb 22

At HPFT, great care comes from great people. We don’t want you to just come and work for us, we want you to grow and to have a long and fulfilling career with us where you can achieve your potential.

Our teams are complemented by a wide variety of roles such as nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, care support workers, psychiatrists and psychologists. Everyone plays a vital role and is a valued member of staff.

We are currently recruiting to our Adult Community Eating Disorders Team, and this may be a route you had never considered, or you may think it’s too narrow of a specialism.

There is a huge amount of development in Adult Eating Disorders at the moment and we are excited to expand and to recruit to some new roles and to new parts of our team. Although we very much welcome staff who have prior experience working with people with eating disorders – we would love you all to join and also welcome those with transferable skills, who will be able to enhance our provision with knowledge from their previous experience.

If this is something you may be interested in, please click here for more information about the team and to see which vacancies are available.

However, if a career in eating disorders is not the route you’re looking to follow we are also recruiting to our PATH (Psychosis: Prevention, Assessment and Treatment) and ARMS (At Risk Mental State) teams. PATH is an Early Intervention in Psychosis Service. The team provide the First Episode Psychosis Pathway that is clearly laid out by the Department of Health.

What is Psychosis?

Psychosis is a group of symptoms rather than a diagnosis. It includes individuals experiencing delusions, hallucinations and thought disorder. Individuals can also present with bizarre behaviour, cognitive symptoms, lack of motivation, and poor self-care.

People often experience their first psychotic episode in their early 20’s, although for females there is also a peak in their late 40’s associated with menopausal symptoms.

Our service user group is incredibly varied. We work with individuals who recover well, return to work, keep their family, social networks and employment intact and we work with individuals who are significantly impacted by their illness, who have more complex presentations and are unable to sustain relationships, and employment and everything in between. We work with people who are actively psychotic or people whose psychosis has resolved, but they continue to experience other mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. We work with people who are impacted by what has happened to them, who are trying to understand and make sense of their illness and working towards recovery and putting their life back together post psychosis.

This level of variety makes every day interesting, as no two individuals are the same. There is real hope of full recovery for the individuals we work with.

Please click here for more information about our PATH and ARMS teams and to see which vacancies are available.

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