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HPFT hosts ground-breaking workshop with International Mental Health Network

01 Jul 19 - 01 Jul 20

Mental health practitioners and service users came together for a workshop delivered by the International Mental Health Collaborating Network (IMHCN) at our Waverley Road site, St Albans in June.

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) is a founder partner of IMHCN - an international organisation promoting and advocating for the human rights of people with mental health issues. They gather experiences and knowledge of good practice and disseminate the information throughout the world.

Participants learned about innovative new ways of working in co-production to meet the identified needs of individuals and their communities throughout the whole of their lives, as well as different approaches to working with voice hearing.

John Jenkins CEO of IMHNC with HPFT’s CEO Tom Cahill

HPFT’s Chief Executive and Board Member (Trustee) of the IMHCN Tom Cahill said: “Learning about the innovative work and discoveries happening throughout the world to develop these new approaches, is helping us to do more for people living with mental health problems here in the UK.

“I’m delighted HPFT is benefiting from this longstanding relationship with IMHCN which enhances our knowledge and supports our continued work towards improving the recovery journeys of our service users.”

John Jenkins, CEO of IMHCN said: “IMHCN has been working with HPFT for many years to support the development of recovery informed services and practices.

“At this workshop, we learned about the Discovery Partnership and Hearing Voices approaches. These approaches complement each other well, because they enable service users to self-determine their own whole life needs and solutions through an active partnership with practitioners, their family members and friends. 

“The Discovery Partnership approach seeks to improve family relationships, social networks, housing and other social and economic circumstances alongside the person’s mental health condition. This is achieved through partnerships between service users, their social networks and their mental health practitioners to construct a discovery journey based on their whole life needs and preferences.

“The Hearing Voices Approach frames hearing voices as a meaningful experience that can be beneficially explored by the person, especially with support. The approach has proved particularly effective in assisting people to live better with their voices. During the workshop we addressed the concerns that professionals have been expressing in finding ways to support service users who hear voices (or with other extreme experiences), who are not responding well to the current support and treatment plans.

“It was an enjoyable, challenging and enlightening day together."

Find out more about the work of the Network at: https://imhcn.org/

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