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HPFT partners with analytics and AI firm Saberr to increase staff engagement and improve patient experience and outcomes

05 Sep 17 - 01 Jan 01

The Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) is an early adopter of Saberr’s latest technology ‘Coachbot’.

HPFT has partnered with UK people analytics and AI coaching firm Saberr, whose latest product Coachbot aims to revolutionise the sort of team-building work traditionally done by an external trainer, by asking team members simple questions about their communication style, work goals and team dynamics. The product is being trialled by 30 individuals working in inpatient operational and clinical teams, with the goal of providing increased coaching support to aid team performance and development.

CoachBot is designed to help teams address and improve upon the most important aspects of team development: from goal setting to purpose, decision making and role clarity. The interaction with CoachBot starts with a chatbot style conversation to unearth the team’s issues. It plays these back to the team in a report that shows their strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly what they can do to make progress. Rather than measurement alone, CoachBot’s ultimate aim is to encourage the team to take action offline to improve their relationships and approach to work.

The product has been built for team members rather than HR staff. Teams work with CoachBot on an ongoing basis to create a development plan, then put it into action with toolkits, exercises, bite sized learning or even a human coach if they’re needed.

The Eastern Academic Health Science Network has brokered the relationship between Saberr and the NHS to help implement this innovative solution for HPFT.

HPFT Director of Service Delivery & Service User Experience, Jess Lievesley, said: “We are delighted to be working with the EAHSN and Saberr to explore the benefits of CoachBot within our working environments. It has great potential for us because it offers bitesize coaching that the teams can work on at a time that suits them. It means we don’t have to take days out of service for long courses and if we need to move things around due to patient needs we can do so without incurring extra cost.”

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