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HPFT success at the Advancing Healthcare Awards 2019

24 Apr 19 - 24 Apr 20

There was a double celebration for HPFT at the 2019 Advancing Healthcare Awards (AHA), after our Dramatherapists scooped the Guardian Award for Innovation in Mental Health Services for the second year running.

Clare Hubbard, Dramatherapy Lead and Marina Morgan, Dramatherapist received the award for Marina’s young person’s dramatherapy group. Amber Tibbitts, Dramatherapist, also won a Rising Star Award.

Marina felt that group therapy could be beneficial for many of the young people who had experienced bullying, which had been seriously detrimental to their self-confidence. Group therapy helped them to find peer support, work through their fears and build their confidence. One member said: “The impact on individuals – all young people, allowing them to grow in confidence and personality was stunning.”

Marina who is to run another group at Barn Theatre in Welwyn Garden City in June said: “I am genuinely delighted to win this award. Having the group in a theatre instead of the medical centre is a key factor in the group’s success, as well as the use of innovative psychodynamic dramatherapy.

“This complex group of brave young people committed to the creative process, consistently engaged, and turned up every week. I really hope this award contributes to raising the profile of dramatherapy.”

HPFT Chief Executive Tom Cahill said: “This additional group therapy support has given these young people more confidence and hope for the future, which is just what they need. I’m delighted to see our Dramatherapists being recognised by the AHA Awards for their inspiring work which has proved to be so beneficial for our service users.”

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