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HPFT welcomes its new nursing associates

22 Mar 17 - 21 Feb 18

On 21 March the HPFT launched its new Nursing Associate pilot scheme. Held at the University of Hertfordshire's health and research department, Executive Director of Quality and Safety Jane Padmore, Head of Nursing Bina Jumnoodoo and Deputy Director of Nursing Jacky Vincent welcomed new recruits to the trust, and prepared them for the next step into the world of nursing.

The role of Nursing Associate has attracted a lot of media attention in recent months. So what is a Nursing Associate? And how will it improve the NHS? Firstly it is a vital role in the wider sustainability and transformation of the health service. More than that it is a bridge between the care assistant and registered nurses, and will build a capable workforce which can deliver excellent care.

Secondly, Nursing Associates, will have the chance to deliver direct care to patients, from midwifery to palliative treatment, associates will be involved in the fundamentals of clinical practise. They will also have wider access and entry points to the nursing profession; not being stuck on a narrow track, and able to choose from a wide range of specialities, they can follow a career pathway of their choice.

Our new recruits were in agreement, and were very positive when we spoke to them:

Kenny Ajibolade-robert said he felt ‘uplifted’ by being offered this new role he said the launch 'is a good thing and a chance to accomplish something positive’

Each new Nursing Associate had their story to tell as to why they were applying for the role, proving the position, really was as it promised to be, a stepping stone in career aspirations, and leap for great care and great outcomes for service users.

Emma said: 'It's been a long wait, I've been in the trust for 13 years but was always in administrative roles I'm glad for this opportunity to go somewhere new.'

Laura added: 'I’ve recently been thinking about what to do. I've done my 3 years at uni, then taken another two years out, and the way it is right now, it looked like it was going to be much more difficult to go straight into the profession, Its nice to get into nursing via another way and take this next step to help others, which is what I've wanted.'

The Nursing Associate launch is a pilot study part of the Herts and West Essex Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) with HPFT working with the University of Hertfordshire, local CCGs, and NHS hospital trusts.

Jane Padmore added, ‘there is endless opportunity here at the Trust, and really you are going into one of the best careers, where you are making a difference. That's what it's all about.’


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