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Launch of New Leaf Wellbeing College

14 Mar 17 - 13 Mar 18

A college which welcomes students with lived experience of both mental and/or long-term physical health issues is holding a launch later this month.

The launch for New Leaf Wellbeing College is on Tuesday 28 March at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) in The Colonnades, Hatfield. Speakers will include Tom Cahill, chief executive of HPFT, and Dr Audrey Kempson, of the University of Hertfordshire.

The college is a pilot project funded by Hertfordshire’s Clinical Commissioning Groups. It moves away from a therapeutic model to an educational approach. Under free courses, students can take better care of their wellbeing, learn practical skills and there is opportunity for reflection.

It is recognised that people are expert in their own wellbeing and recovery and those who have overcome life challenges help to design and deliver the courses which are based at various campuses across Hertfordshire.

Development manager at the college, Irma Mullins, said: “The college is based on the belief of individual strength, co-production and self-management. Co-production makes sure people with lived experience are equal partners in the college, and support course development and delivery.”

The college is open to anyone aged over 18 living in Hertfordshire. From September 2017 the college will be open to those aged from 16.

New Leaf Wellbeing College is provided by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with Druglink Ltd. The college has a multi-agency Curriculum Board which includes people with a lived experience.

College principles

  • Partnership and co-production
  • Educational not therapeutic
  • Strengths based and person-centred
  • For everyone - people with health challenges, their relatives/carers and staff
  • Helps people identify and reach their own goals
  • To find out more about the college call 01442 864966, email info@newleafcollege.co.uk or visit www.newleafcollege.co.uk
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