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Let's talk in 2019

02 Jan 19 - 01 Jan 20

New Year is the ideal time to start taking better care of ourselves. Many of us focus on losing weight and/or getting fitter after the over-indulgence of the festive period, but paying attention to your mental health is just as important, especially with the short dark days and seemingly endless bills dropping through the letter box which can make us feel anxious and depressed.

On top of this, New Year’s resolutions are all too easy to break, but try to remember that temporary blips are just part of the process towards reaching your goals and you’re only human. Try to banish any pointless feelings of guilt or failure and focus on getting back on track.

It takes courage but just talk

It’s always best to talk to someone you trust if you’re worried about anything or generally feeling down, as bottling worries up and hoping they’ll go away by themselves will just make them worse.

Some people, particularly boys and men hold back from talking about their emotions, as they think others will see them as weak. It takes courage to speak out, but it’s the best way to help understand and start to fix your problems.

Make time to listen

Being there to listen to our family members, friends and colleagues who are going through tough times is so important for giving them the confidence to talk things through and work out what to do next.      

As well as talking and listening to others, cutting down on alcohol and making time each day to go outside in the daylight for a brisk walk is also fantastic for beating the January Blues, so wrap up and get those walking shoes on!

Planning your time to do something you enjoy, some social activities and some form of regular exercise, as well as all the tasks that need doing can give a real sense of achievement, which is great for our health and wellbeing.

More advice is available from HPFT’s Wellbeing Service at: http://www.hpft.nhs.uk/wellbeing-service/ with self-help information and a self-referral form if you’d like some professional support.

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