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“Long COVID: Moving Forwards” – a free webinar – 17 January at 1pm

10 Jan 22

Do you or does someone you know need some support to manage living with Long COVID? We can help…

Being diagnosed with COVID-19 can bring with it a whole variety short or long-term health issues. For those who find themselves experiencing Long COVID, this in itself can lead to a wide range of physical symptoms which may last for a prolonged period, and it’s recognised that there can be a significant impact on that person’s mental wellbeing as a result.

‘Long COVID: Moving Forwards’ is a free 1-hour webinar hosted by HPFT’s IAPT service which addresses the physical and emotional difficulties that people may experience as a result of living with the condition. This webinar provides tools and techniques that people living with Long COVID can use to understand changes in their energy levels, manage their and others’ expectations of the recovery process, plus cope with setbacks to improve their wellbeing.

Topics visited during this session will include:

  • What is Long COVID?
  • Self-managing the physical symptoms of Long COVID: guided exercises to learn how to control productive cough.
  • Noticing energy levels and pacing: tools and techniques used to monitor energy levels.
  • Managing other’s reactions and coping with setbacks.

If you are unable to come along on 17 January, the session is being rerun on the following dates (with more to follow):

  • Monday 31 January (3pm)
  • Wednesday 23 February (3pm)
  • Friday 25 March (1pm)

To book your place for the 17 January at 1pm (or any of the dates mentioned above) or if you’d like to find out more about this particular webinar, please visit here.

Hertfordshire Wellbeing and Health in Mind are part of the NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) initiative, and offer free and confidential talking therapy and practical support for Hertfordshire and Mid Essex residents.

In addition to this event, our IAPT services also offer a wide and varied programme of live online webinars designed to help manage a multitude of common mental health issues. The webinar programme covers a variety of topics including stress, sleep and relaxation, worry and anxiety, mindfulness and bereavement. These online sessions provide educational and practical help to support you to learn relevant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to make positive change in your life.

To find out more about the IAPT webinar programme, please visit here.

If you would like some support with Long COVID or anything else that might be affecting your mental health, then please remember HPFT is here for you. We aim to make accessing our support as easy as possible – there are a variety of self-help materials on our website for you to use, or you can complete an online self-referral form to access a range of treatment options (without needing to see a GP first); just take some time to explore the IAPT website and choose whatever works best for you.

You can find all the information you need about the support IAPT provides here.

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