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Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week - The Power of Connection

05 May 22

This week it’s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, dedicated to talking about mental health problems during and after pregnancy. The theme this year is ‘The Power of Connection’.

Throughout this week, colleagues from Thumbswood have been sharing information to educate and raise awareness about the treatment, recovery, and wellbeing support for them to care for themselves and patients who cross their paths.

Thumbswood is our specialist inpatient unit offering treatment to women experiencing significant mental health difficulties during pregnancy, and the following year. The team provides a safe and therapeutic environment where women can receive care and treatment without being separated from their babies. Our priority is to ensure that both mother and baby are safe and feel secure.

The team have produced a list of useful resources which offer perinatal support to parents. Using the internet you can connect with others going through similar experiences. Visit the following websites and search for ‘perinatal mental health’.






Online courses



Breastfeeding Support



NCT Infant feeding support line: 03003300700

Facebook Group - Breastfeeding Yummy Mummies

Click here to find out more about Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week.

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