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May Contain Nuts Theatre Group wins again

17 Dec 18 - 17 Dec 19

Dramatherapy group "May Contain Nuts" is a theatre company in Watford set up to offer continued support for service users who have completed dramatherapy. It delivers thought-provoking workshops and productions for schools, universities and other organisations.

The company won the Guardian Award for Innovation in Mental Health Services at the 2018 Advancing Healthcare Awards (AHA) earlier this year and was shortlisted by the HSJ for their Innovation in Mental Health Award in November. Last week the group was delighted to win the Business Health Awards, award for Innovation. 

Dramatherapist Gerald Maiello set up the group and said: "I started the theatre company as a continuation of the dramatherapy process. A key aim of the group was to further our exploration of mental illness and help educate a wider audience in the subject.

"The success of the project lies in the commitment of the service users – the company members to be open and honest about their experiences of mental illness and mental health care.  Their bravery and creativity has sustained the project and served to underpin its integrity and continuing aim to challenge preconceived ideas of mental illness."

Organisers Ortus Events tweeted: "We were honoured to present the award for 'Innovation in Mental Health', at the Health Business Awards to HPFT, for their dramatherapy project 'May Contain Nuts'. Truly lovely people and well deserved winners."


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