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Occupational Therapy Week 2018

11 Dec 18 - 10 Dec 19

Occupational Therapists (OTs) from Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) pulled out all the stops for Occupational Therapy Week last month to show immense support for their profession by raising awareness of the value of Occupational Therapy.

l-r Catherine Greenlaw, Head OT Adult Care Services HCC, Lindsay Truran Head OT Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People- Inpatient Services HPFT, Linda Norton Professional Lead OT HPFT, Louise Connolly, Therapy Clinical Quality Lead HCT standing by the Pledge Tree

 Pledge Tree

Every branch of a pledge tree at HPFT’s head office was adorned with a pledge by the end of the week - here are just a few of them:

I pledge to…

 “Promote the value of sensory awareness in older people’s settings.”

 “Run more groups during visiting hours to engage families and friends in therapeutic interventions and hand out our information sheets.”

 “Always remind colleagues the difference occupational therapists make to service users and their families.” (HPFT Chief Executive Tom Cahill)

 “Ensure I am aware of the therapeutic activities provided and refer service users who could benefit.”

Older People’s Mental Health Awareness and Therapy Approaches Day

A training event was held for over 50 Occupational Therapists from HPFT, Hertfordshire County Council’s Adult Care Services (HCC), Hertfordshire Community Trust (HCT) and others to come together for an Older People’s Mental Health Awareness and Therapy Approaches Day. They shared specialist knowledge and discussed how to pool skills.

HPFT ‘s Senior Project Co-ordinator Emma Paisley for Spot the Signs and Save a life also gave an invaluable presentation on their suicide prevention campaign.

Living not existing

HPFT’s Linda Norton Professional Lead Occupational Therapist said: “Our mission is to help our service users find solutions, learn, re-learn and adapt so they can live the lives they want to live.”

Catherine Greenlaw, Head Occupational Therapist Adult Care Services from HCC said: “Equipment and adaptations are just part of the Occupational Therapy offer. People have a range of needs and OccupationalTherapists must utilize our entire range of skills to help meet those needs.”

Louise Connolly, Therapy Clinical Quality Lead at HCT said: “Very often Occupational Therapists provide the answers to help service users live meaningful lives and maintain their independence for longer.”

These messages are becoming increasingly important when considering this staggering statistic:

 210,000 new people in the UK are being diagnosed with dementia every year, with total numbers expected to reach 1 million by 2025.

 Not just for OT Week…

Attendees were asked to keep articulating and demonstrating the impact and benefits the profession can have on our service users every day – not just on Occupational Therapy Week. The value of setting goals, improving confidence, self-esteem and social inclusion as well as providing contacts and maintaining the dignity and independence of our service users cannot be under-estimated.

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