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Physical Health Conference focuses on frailty

21 Nov 19 - 20 Nov 20

Over 100 health professionals from across the Herts and West Essex STP attended a Physical Health Conference, hosted by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) on 8 November, which focused on why frailty is so important.

Dr Zia opening the Physical Health Conference

Many people think of the elderly, when they think of frailty – but it isn’t just about this. Younger service users and people with learning disabilities may also be living with a variety of other conditions, which result in them becoming “frail”.

HPFT's Director of Quality and Medical leadership, Dr Zia opened by conference and stressed the importance of providing proactive, integrated healthcare for our service users by making optimal use of evidence-based research, technology and training.

As well as presentations and a marketplace full of information, there were a number of workshops focusing on different topics including recognition of frailty, how it affects people with learning disabilities, falls prevention and managing deterioration.

Feedback from people who attended was really positive…

  • “great energy in the room”
  • “a foundation to build on”
  • “expert knowledge was apparent”
  • “a lively engaging vibe”

Head of Integration, Fiona McMillan-Shields said: “It was great to see so many people sharing knowledge with each other about how we are working in a very different way and providing holistic care for our service users, to ensure the best health and quality of life possible for them. Having a shared understanding and language around frailty is a key way we can start to break down the barriers between the different health and care organisations and ensure we are providing the best care possible for our most vulnerable population. ” 

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