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Race Equality Week 2022 – Inclusion at HPFT

10 Feb 22

We are proud to be marking Race Equality Week, a week where we join other organisations across the country to unite and address race equality in the workplace and in our services.

We aim to be a welcoming and safe place for our staff, service users, their families and carers, and anyone who needs our care. We are committed to being an anti-racist and inclusive organisation, taking actions which address racist and other offensive language and behaviour, and creating a culture where everyone feels comfortable and confident to be themselves without fear.

How our staff networks help us promote equality and inclusion

We know how important it is for people to feel a sense of belonging, and we want everyone at HPFT to feel listened to and that they can be themselves at work, so that they can concentrate on providing the best care for our service users.

We have several established networks for our staff to connect with, including our BAME Network for our Black, Asian and other non-white staff, plus allies. It was established over ten years ago and has grown significantly, particularly during the COVID pandemic. The network plays an important role in highlighting issues of concern for BAME staff, including equal opportunities for progression, safety and protection for staff who are at greater risk from COVID-19 and ensuring BAME staff have confidence in how the Trust tackles discrimination and promotes inclusion.

Our BAME network’s large and active membership has enabled it to exercise real influence in the organisation and create positive changes that benefit all our staff, including:

  • Reverse mentoring programme - a programme that creates a structured professional relationship between a junior member of BAME staff and a senior non-BAME colleague, to support the non-BAME member of staff to develop a fresh perspective around race issues
  • Inclusion ambassadors to support our recruitment process, ensuring it is fair and inclusive for every applicant
  • Including BAME staff in any disciplinary process panel
  • ‘Let’s talk about Race’ sessions that focus on issues related to race and inclusion within our staff reflection forums
  • BAME Ambassadors and champions in our service who can raise the profile of racial inclusion for all staff

BAME staff Network Chair, Hildah Jiah said:

“The BAME network is a vibrant, diverse solution focussed and p[progressive group that is 100% committed to racial inclusion at HPFT. I’m really proud of the achievements we’ve made to date, and am looking forward to the exciting work we have planned for 2022”

Janet Lynch, Interim Executive Director of People and Organisational Development said:

“I’m proud to support work across HPFT to help everyone feel included and safe to be themselves. Race Equality Week is an opportunity to review the progress we’ve made but also to acknowledge that we have much more to do.  I’m looking forward to working with our networks and all of our staff to take real strides towards becoming a truly inclusive employer.”



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