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Is it confidential?

Yes. The team takes confidentiality very seriously. We will protect and respect your rights to confidentiality from the moment we receive your referral and throughout any treatment you may have with us.

The service is provided in partnership with our local GPs to ensure we all offer you joined up care. Therefore necessary information will usually be shared with your GP and other health professionals involved in your care.

Our confidentiality policy will be discussed with you by your wellbeing practitioner at your first appointment.

What do sessions involve?

Whether you are attending our workshops, completing our computerised CBT programme or having individual sessions, you are expected to attend your scheduled appointment to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment.

Throughout your course of treatment, you will be expected to complete out of session or homework tasks which are designed to help you practice what you have learnt in your therapy session. As CBT is an active talking therapy, sessions are collaborative so involve equal participation between you and your being worker.

At the beginning of treatment, you will set therapy goals which you will be working towards and continuously review with your worker.

At each session we do require you to complete a short set of questionnaires so that we can monitor your symptoms. These questionnaires also help record your improvement throughout treatment.

Do I need to see my GP?

No. Your GP will be happy to make a referral for you but if you’d prefer not to wait, you can make a referral directly to the team by completing an online referral or calling our Single Point of Access (SPA) Tel: 0300 777 0707

What happens once you’ve received my referral?

Shortly after we’ve received your details, a member of our team will be in touch to book an assessment appointment for you. The assessment is usually completed over the telephone although occasionally you’ll be asked to come in & see someone. Following your assessment, your wellbeing practitioner will talk through the options that are available and work with you to select the most suitable course of treatment.

Can someone else call to make my appointments for me?

This service is confidential and as such we are not able to speak with anyone else about your referral (including booking or cancelling appointments) unless we have your prior consent. If you’d like someone to speak on your behalf, we recommend that you make note on your referral or give us a call so that we can document on your file.

How long does it take?

Following your initial assessment an individual treatment plan will be devised depending on your goals for therapy. Your worker will then be able to let you know how long you can expect to receive treatment for.

English is not my first language, will I struggle with communication?

Just let us know either when the referral is made or when we contact you to book your appointment and we can arrange for an interpreter to be present for your appointments.

Where can I find information about my condition?

The Wellbeing Team treat a variety of different conditions including: depression, anxiety,OCD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) anxiety and panic disorder. For more information about these and other conditions click here

Do you use psychotherapists?

A range of different professionals work within the service including Psychologists, Cognitive Behaviour Therapists and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners.

Our Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP’s) have been specifically trained to work with individuals who may be experiencing low mood or anxiety. PWP’s can deliver a wide range of interventions through guided self help materials. This could be in the form of one to one work, running group workshops or facilitating computerised CBT.

Our High Intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapists work individually with clients who may be presenting with more severe or complex problems. They may have previous experience working in various mental health settings as nurses, social workers, psychologists or counsellors.

How can I feedback about the service?

After your assessment and at the end of treatment your therapist will provide you with a Having Your Say questionnaire about your experience in the service. Your feedback will help us improve the service so we appreciate you taking the time to let us have your views. This is completely anonymous and will not affect your treatment.

If during or after treatment you are unhappy about the service you are receiving, please contact your local team’s service manager. They can be contacted via the telephone number at the top of your appointment letter. Alternatively you can contact the HPFT Patient Liaison Team (PALS) to discuss any concerns. You can find more information about PALS on the section for service users on our website.


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