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Becky’s Story: “My experience of treatment with the Wellbeing Service was overwhelmingly positive!"

I was interested in attending the long term conditions group, but while I was waiting for that I saw Janice who was really lovely and gave me lots of resources and pointed me towards a couple of books I then purchased. She gave me a space to talk and listened without judging me in anyway. She was approachable and kind, but also very knowledgeable and that put me at ease.

My experience of the long term conditions group was equally positive, with warm group facilitators and the opportunity to meet other people who were feeling like I was felt really important. I loved the narrative informed group and the tree of life was a lovely way to think about all the different parts of ourselves that can get lost with a long term condition. 

I definitely would encourage others to seek help. I was nervous at first but realised I had nothing to lose by talking to someone. Talking to friends and family is good, but having someone who dedicates a session just to you, who listens without judgement is invaluable. I also found the group really helpful as it was a way to meet local people who were going through the same thing as me. It helped me to feel less alone. I felt I had a sense of belonging for the first time in a long time.” 

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