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We value the role of volunteers and recognise the contribution which they make to the organisation in helping to ensure we deliver the best possible care to people within our services whether they are working in an office or at one of our centres.

Why volunteer?

People volunteer for many different reasons, they come from varied backgrounds and age groups but what they all have in common is their wish to contribute actively to their local community.  Volunteering offers the opportunity to:

  • Meet new people and make new friends

  • Contribute to the local community

  • Gain confidence and self-esteem

  • Gain new skills, knowledge and experience

  • Develop existing skills and knowledge

  • Use your skills or experience to help others

  • Do something completely different or new

  • Make a difference to the lives of others

  • Help others less fortunate or without a voice

  • Feel valued and part of a team

  • Spend quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle

What do we look for in a Volunteer?

To be a volunteer you need to have the following attributes:

  • Have empathy, humour and goodwill when volunteering with us

  • Be reliable, trustworthy, motivated, friendly and flexible

  • Have a non-judgmental attitude

  • An understanding of the importance of confidentiality

  • We ask for a minimum of six months commitment. It could be weekly, for as little as a few hours each week

Who is eligible to become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer you need to be:

  • Over 18 years old 

  • Legally allowed to volunteer in the UK

  • Must be able to attend the volunteer induction and role specific training

In line with government guidelines, volunteers would be entitled to reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel costs.

Full information can be found in the Recruitment and Management of Volunteers Policy.

Recruitment process

  • All volunteers must abide by all policies, including health and safety procedures, patient confidentiality guidelines, safeguarding children and customer service expectations

  • All volunteers will have completed an application form and will have an informal interview with the Volunteer Coordinator

  • The recruitment process can take up to three months before you commence your new role 

  • We require two references

  • Satisfactory identity checks

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check


All volunteers will complete the following training

  • Roles and responsibilities of a volunteer 

  • Communication for volunteers

  • Data security awareness for volunteers

  • Conflict resolution for volunteers

  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights for volunteers

  • Safeguarding adults for volunteers

  • Safeguarding children for volunteers

  • Child sexual exploitation for volunteers

  • Mental health awareness for volunteers

  • Health, Safety and Infection Prevention and Control for volunteers

  • Fire safety for volunteers

Volunteers will require a local induction when they arrive on site, plus infection control and PPE guidance.

Click here to view our latest volunteering roles. 

Further information:
If you have any queries about becoming a volunteer, please email hpft.volunteering@nhs.net 

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