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At Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust we recognise the vital role that carers play in supporting people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and long term conditions.

We want to ensure that our services support you every step of the way and involve you in as much as possible whether through meetings, conversations or ensuring you have access to support for your own wellbeing.

We link with local carers’ centres, other local support services and directly with carers, to develop effective partnerships and ensure that you, the carer, are well informed, supported and enabled to be a carer for as long as you wish to be.  We also provide carer services, enabling you to get the support you need or be directed to the appropriate place to receive this.

Click here to find out what is happening locally and how you can get involved or benefit from Triangle of Care. 


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 "She had absolute empathy for my situation"

Pip, a carer, discusses how her son's care coordinator helped not only him but also provided support to her and the positive impact that has had on her life. 

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