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Belonging and Inclusion Strategy

HPFT was proud to launch our five year Belonging and Inclusion Strategy in 2023. Our Strategy has three key ambitions. We will create an inclusive culture by embedding our just and inclusive culture in compassionate and caring teams where everyone feels valued, respected and able to thrive. We will build a diverse workforce representative of our service users and local communities, encouraging and recruiting candidates with different backgrounds. Finally, we will eliminate discrimination, bullying and harassment at work through education, training, and targeted actions.

A number of NHS improvement plans have been published both Nationally and in the East of England Region in response to the ongoing workforce challenges of recruitment and retention. They specifically acknowledge the inequity of day to day experiences across NHS staff groups. These have been used to inform our Belonging and Inclusion Strategy alongside feedback from our NHS annual staff survey, the National Workforce Race and Disability Equality Standards and Gender Pay Gap reporting.

Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity, our Trust aims to create a culture where every service user, staff member, and stakeholder feels valued and respected. By implementing this strategy, the Trust intends to bridge existing gaps in accessibility, representation, and understanding, ensuring that our services are equitable and responsive to the diverse needs of all individuals. Please click here to download a PDF copy of our Belonging and Inclusion Strategy


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