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Governor experience

"I have learned that people work very hard in our Trust, and in my experience genuinely live-up the high standards they set themselves" says Jon Walmsley

People close to me have been users of mental health and learning disability services. That has given me an insight into the importance and challenges of   providing such services sensitively and effectively. I decided to become a Governor because I hoped that the experience I have could contribute to ensuring that these challenges are met.

My background is as a manager of quite large organisations in the publishing industry - including publishing for mental health and other professionals.

My jobs have involved managing tight budgets and communicating quite complex messages to large groups of people in different locations.

As a Governor, I hope to gain an ever-deeper understanding of the issues faced in trying to provide high quality services. I want to understand how these issues are being addressed, and to satisfy myself, other governors, members of the trust, carers and, above all, service-users that everything realistically possible is being done to provide good care. I hope to be, together with the other Governors, a useful link between service users and carers, and staff and managers: clarifying messages in both directions when needed.

I am enjoying meeting other governors from different walks of life, getting to know staff and board members, and getting to grips with the issues - including by visiting the places where care is provided. The atmosphere for Governors is always friendly and positive. Serving on a sub-group is an enjoyable way of sharing insights, learning more, and getting things done. We have recently arranged a meeting with a local U3A group to discuss The Trust's services with a group of older people.

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