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Davis N Mpavaenda

PhD, DClinPrac, MSc Health-Law


He is the joint Lead of the General Adult Mental Health Research Working Group and a member of the HPFT Research Board. Dr. Davis Mpavaenda (PhD), a doctorate in clinical practice is dual trained in; Psychotherapy (specialising in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and Mental Health Nursing (special interest in psychopharmacotherapy). He is Principal Cognitive Behaviour & Neuroscience Psychotherapist in the National Health Service. Dr Mpavaenda is UK expert work is in the area of treatment resistant OCD and OCRDs wherein he treats OCD patients with behavioural therapy as well as providing clinical supervision and training to clinicians and therapists in the NHS across England. He is an honorary senior clinical lecturer at University of Hertfordshire.


Areas of Research Interest

His research interest is in behavioural treatment effects and cognitive-related responses in treatment resistant OCRDs. Among other research studies, he is currently investigating, alongside Professor Fineberg in collaboration with the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute (BCNI) University of Cambridge, the partial reformulation of OCD compulsions as habits and the use of habit reversal therapy (HRT) as an augmentation strategy to be used alongside exposure response prevention (ERP) in adults with OCD.

He currently holds an international directorship post as an active member of the scientific board of directors of the International College of Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms (ICOCS) whose global remit is dedicated in scientific investigations and promoting scientific advancements in the understanding and treatments of obsessive-compulsive disorders.


He has co-authored book chapters in:

The New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry 3edn; A Transdiagnostic Approach to Obsessions, Compulsions; and Related Phenomena

Handbook on Obsessive-Compulsive Related Disorders among others.

He is a co-author of numerous published research papers.


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