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Professor Naomi Fineberg



Professor Naomi Fineberg is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Hertfordshire, and a Consultant Psychiatrist at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT), where she leads the HPFT centre within the NHS England, Highly Specialised Service for Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders (OCRD). She currently chairs the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Anxiety & Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Scientific Section and the European Union COST Action into Problematic Internet Usage, and is Secretary of the International College of Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders. Professor Fineberg has a substantial track record in the investigation of the neurobiology and treatment of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders and disorders of behavioural addiction. She has published widely in the field and her publications are highly cited. She is the Editor in Chief of Comprehensive Psychiatry.



  • Feasibility, acceptability and practicality of transcranial stimulation in obsessive compulsive symptoms (FEATSOCS): A randomised controlled crossover trial


  • Fineberg, N., Cinosi, E., Smith, M., Busby, A., Wellsted, D., Huneke, N., Garg, K., Aslan, I., Enara, A., Garner, M., Gordon, R., Hall, N., Meron, D., Robbins, T., Wyatt, S., Pellegrini, L. & Baldwin, D. S., 26 Jan 2023, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Comprehensive Psychiatry.


  • Effects of exercise on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder symptoms: A systematic review and meta-analysis


  • Bottoms, L., Prat Pons, M., Fineberg, N., Pellegrini, L., Fox, O., Wellsted, D., Drummond, L. M., Reid, J., Baldwin, D., Hou, R., Chamberlain, S. R., Sireau, N., Grohmann, D. & Laws, K., 21 Dec 2022, In: International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice.


  • Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (r-TMS) and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor-Resistance in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Meta-Analysis and Clinical Implications


  • Pellegrini, L., Garg, K., Enara, A., Gottlieb, D. S., Wellsted, D., Albert, U., Laws, K. & Fineberg, N., 31 Oct 2022, In: Comprehensive Psychiatry. 118, 9 p., 152339.


  • Advances in Problematic Usage of the Internet Research – A Narrative Review by Experts from the European Network for Problematic Usage of the Internet


  • Fineberg, N., Menchon, J. M., Hall, N., Dell'Osso, B., Brand, M., Potenza, M., Chamberlain, S. R., Cirnigliaro, G., Lochner, C., Billieux, J., Demetrovics, Z., Rumpf, H. J., Muller, A., Castro-Calvo, J., Hollander, E., Burkauskas, J., Grünblatt, E., Walitza, S., Corazza, O., King, D. L., & 24 others, 30 Oct 2022, In: Comprehensive Psychiatry. 118, 24 p., 152346.



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